About the microphones

Whelan ribbon microphones are made entirely by hand in London, UK by sound engineer and technician Bobby Whelan (The Ronnie Lane Mobile Studio). Their construction utilises only the highest quality materials, from their 1.5 micron pure aluminium ribbon to their californian Cinemag transformer and Neutrik XLR connector.

The body, ribbon motor and internal structure are individually hand shaped from brass and finished in a labour intensive process to ensure that each microphone is built to last for decades of studio use, is free from sonic defects and is beautiful to behold.

Built individually and sold direct to recording studios and through Ebay, Whelan microphones offer the combination of the highest quality craftsmanship, materials and sound. They also present a chance to own a piece of recording equipment that is entirely unique, amongst a world of mass-produced and overly-familiar gear that is built to fail and be replaced rather than be relied upon.

(C) 2012 Bobby Whelan